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A Complete and advanced Housing script that is easy to use with compability and standalone features. This project was inspired by modfreakz and loaf housing. Thanks to loaf for permission to use loaf_housing furniture list.


  • CLIENT CODE UNENCRYPTED (Some server side is editable)
  • Optimized (0.01 - 0.05 ms)
  • MLO:
    • Polyzone system
    • Easily adjustable minimum Z and maximum Z
  • Shell:
    • Adjust height placement (underground or in the sky)
    • Time sync script compability
    • Apartments or Individual option
    • Preview shell before creating home
  • IPL:
    • Compatible with existing or addon MLO that needs teleport
    • Apartments or Individual option
  • Rent System:
    1. Manual Payment
    2. Configurable account payment with (money, bank, cash)
    3. Auto removal if not paid (configurable)
  • Furniture
    • Furniture store to buy props
    • Furniture can be sold
    • Furniture for storages
    • Option to rotate pitch & roll of the furniture
    • Furnish using Gizmo (Planned Update)
  • Realestate Agent System
    • Support Job system (RealEstate) (esx_society or my companymanager)
    • Configurable job name
    • Option to receive money from sold homes & furnitures
    • Add home doors without owning the house
    • Delete & Create Home
    • Compability with society
  • Configuration:
    • Easily add more IPL and Shells with commands
    • Changeable UI language and notifications
    • Tons of configurations
      1. Wardrobe
      2. Garage
      3. Inventory / Storage
      4. Notification
    • Available template for K4MB1 Shells
  • Mortgage
    • Mortgage system for installment plan that can be customized
    • Auto removal if mortgage is not paid
  • House Key system:
    • Share your key with other players
    • Duplicate or remove your house key in locksmith
  • House robbery using lockpick
  • Customizable lockpick/robbery minigame
  • Police raiding system
  • Two Storage system (Using furniture or One storage per house)
  • logouthome command for QB users
  • Last property support
  • User friendly interface
  • Preview house before buying
  • CCTV
  • Discord logging
  • Auto removal if player has not logged in for a long time (coming soon)

Dependencies & Compabilities


  • ox_inventory
  • qs-inventory
  • qb-inventory
  • lj-inventory
  • core-inventory
  • chezza
  • You can add your own! (Request to me if you want yours to be added)


  • esx_skin
  • qb
  • fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance